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ACUS Thoughts - Jarrod's Ponderings

Apr. 5th, 2005

12:29 pm - ACUS Thoughts

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I got back from ACUS Sunday evening. It was a good con this year, as usual. Rooming with James and Carla was nice. I feel like I spent less time visiting with people this year than in years past, but the game slots were the same. Maybe I did.

Slot 1 - "Chaos Ascendant" by Stephen Acton
This was an okay game. Not overly exciting, but not bad either. I think it needed less beginning and more end. Meaning, it felt like we worked up to something, had a bunch of combat, and the game ended, right when the plot idea was getting very interesting.

Slot 2 - Slot off
We went shopping and had a leisurely breakfast. I bought a new shirt. Yay!

Slot 3 - "Remember, We All Must Die" by David de Jong
Hmmm. This game had a really good concept. I liked it. Unfortunately, the amount of time we actually played (including going over into the break), was only about 2.5 hours of the 4 hour slot. We did a lo of character creation stuff at the beginning, after we had done it in email. We built characters off a custom system (7 pages or so of detail on how to build them). This was too much for a 4 hour slot. The plot was good and the storytelling fun. I just wish we had more time to play. The system was too complicated for a four hour game.

Slot 4 - "Game Two: Freeze Tag" by Rachel Holmberg
Carla, BriAnne, Patrick, George and I had a good time. We did a bunch of character development, but had limited plot. But it as a good game for the 4 hour slot, and we went over for 1.5 hours additional. I think we all greatly enjoyed ourselves. BriAnne's character and mine are now in a sudo-relationship. We shall see how that goes next year. One of the best 2 slots at the con.

Slot 5 - "Ebb Tide: Undertow 2" by Simone Cooper
A camapign. I always said I wouldn't do a campaign at a con. It never made sense to me. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I played sebastian "Skeet", son of Flora and a Fae nobel. I ended up in Amber as the Fae ambassador at the end of the game with my trusty mate, Aidan. Again, one of the best 2 slots at the con.

Slot 6 - "Ghost Engines in the Sky" by Nicholas Fortugno
CANCELLED at the last minute. Literally a few hours before the con started. I was fairly miffed. Nick is a good GM, and I enjoyed his last game I was in. I was sorry to not have the game.

Slot 6 - "Morpheus Drowning" by James Arnoldi
James kindly let 3 of us from the Ghost Engines game into this. It was a decent game, but not terribly exciting. My 10 point (Barbarian) psyche character had to redraw a pattern, when he had never before walked a pattern before. The bonus, he now has a jewel of judgement. I think that we had too many players.

Slot 7 - "Battlestar Pegasus" by James Arnoldi
Another James game. I had fun in this. It was a solid game. I got to play the renowned Commander Cain. We beat the cylons, and warned Caprica prior to the invasion, and have changed all history for what would have happened.

Slot 8 - "Ten Little Amberites" by Stephen Acton
I left early from the con. I was too burned out to game another slot. I went home and played WoW till late.

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Date:April 5th, 2005 11:52 pm (UTC)
BriAnne's character and mine are now in a sudo-relationship. We shall see how that goes next year.

A good start might be informing Evan of said relationship. *grins*
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Date:April 6th, 2005 11:21 am (UTC)
LOL...well Trevor still doesn't know that Evan wasn't the one out with him on a date!
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Date:April 6th, 2005 03:00 pm (UTC)
And Evan knows practically nothing about what happened, although he knows that something happened. Why do I have this feeling that this is going to get very messy?
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